About Future Workforce

Future Workforce is a gathering of  employers of students and new grads and as well as the educators who support students’ development and transition to the workplace.

Future Workforce is an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the latest challenges and opportunities resulting from the changing world of work through keynotes and plenary sessions;
  • Discover and celebrate innovative employers’ student development, hiring, and early talent initiatives through presentations, awards and recognition;
  • Promote and share campuses’ new career exploration and experiential learning programs through workshops, awards, and exhibits;
  • Create new employer-educator partnerships through a unique “campus marketplace” that will connect employers with schools and programs
  • Explore new research and information before it is released to the public;
  • Develop new skills through pre-conference training programs;
  • Access new learning and development through hands-on workshops and presentations; and,
  • Connect and share with 200+ employers and educators from across Canada

Who Should Attend?

Future Workforce is for professionals who want to better understand how the world of work is changing and what leading employers and educational institutions are doing to seize emerging opportunities.


Anyone who believes that attracting and engaging young talent is critical to the success of their organization should attend, including:

  • Talent acquisition and development leaders
  • Early talent directors and managers
  • University & college relations professionals
  • Campus recruiting specialists
  • Hiring managers
  • Business leaders

Anyone who seeks to better prepare students for their careers and engage with employers to create career and experiential opportunities should attend, including:

  • Directors of career, cooperative education, and experiential learning offices
  • Managers and professionals involved in employer engagement and job development
  • Faculty and department leaders interested in student career development and transitions
  • Student services directors and managers

Program Themes

Future Workforce focuses on a range of topics that help employers and educators be succeed in their work of hiring and supporting students now and in the future.

We are currently curating presentations from leaders in business and education via a Call for Proposals for additional contributions.

Presentation themes may include:

  • Robotics, AI, and the Gig Economy: What is Now and What’s to Come?
  • Best practices in early talent engagement
  • Effective candidate relationship management
  • Developing impactful campus relations
  • Employer branding and marketing on campus
  • Creating new opportunities for experiential learning
  • The challenges and opportunities for colleges and universities
  • Recruitment and talent management technologies
  • Identifying and assessing talent
  • Evolving curriculum to build an adaptable and resilient workforce
  • Best practices in student career development
  • Diversity and inclusion in the new world of work
  • And much more…

Presentation concepts and proposals may be submitted to info@futureworkforce.ca.