Talent Partnership Expo

An Exhibition of University & College Programs and Student Talent

Talent Partnership Expo

An Exhibition of Universities & Colleges at Future Workforce

The Talent Partnership Expo will take place on the afternoon of the first day of the Future Workforce conference, followed by a cocktail reception. For employers, the Expo is an opportunity to learn about new programs, services, and schools that they may not usually partner with. For schools, the Expo is an opportunity to make new employer connections.

The Expo is intended to maximize interaction and information exchange with the least possible effort. There will be no large display booths or branded giveaways (as detailed below), just great connections and conversations.

Each “exhibitor” will host conversations at a high-top table. Schools can have as many representatives at their table as they wish; however, each representative must be a registered attendee of the conference.

Employers will carry a “passport” that can be signed/stamped at each table that they visit. An incentive prize will be offered to encourage employers to meet numerous schools until the passport minimum is met (they will not be required to meet all exhibitors; we want to encourage quality exchanges, not quantity).

Before the exhibits “open,” a limited number of schools will make “one-minute pitches” to encourage employers to visit their table. The 90-minute Expo will be comprised of 15 minutes of these brief “pitches” followed by 75 minutes of interaction.

Exhibit Details

  • Each exhibit will consist of a 3-foot round high-top table (no chairs)
  • Standardized signage will be provided on each table
  • Each exhibit representative must be registered for Future Workforce to participate
  • Black tablecloths will be provided, exhibitors are welcomed to place their own branded tablecloth on top (not required)
  • NO giveaways of any sort are permitted other than printed informational materials or electronic equivalent (no mugs, pens, pads of paper, etc.)
  • Exhibitors will sign employers’ passports on the line under their school logo after having an opportunity for a brief discussion with the employer.

About the One-Minute Pitch

The 1-minute pitch is intended as an opportunity to persuade employers to visit your booth. It should highlight programs or services that employers may not be familiar with.

Exhibitors that make a pitch will be asked to provide any PowerPoint slides (optional) in advance using a provided template.

One minute is plenty of time to make an impactful statement and get participants’ attention (see the example below; this can be clearly presented in under one minute). There will be a strict 60-second limit after which time the presentation slides will be advanced for the next speaker.

Example of a 1-minute pitch:

“Hi, I’m David Jones with the Famous School of Business at Dunfield University in Edmonton, Alberta. We have a team of six employer engagement consultants who are available at any time to support you and help meet your talent needs. We have an array of resources and tools, including a student resume database and starting salary information, to help you plan your hiring as well as a whole host of events and activities – virtual and in person – to help you connect with our students.

We are very excited about our new Masters in Retail Management program; we’ll have co-op students from that program ready to work with you starting this January. We also have a top-rated MBA program and a unique Masters of Business & Data Analytics program with a very diverse student body. Our students have an average of 3 years’ work experience before entering our programs. Come meet me and my team over there at booth 17. Thank you.”

Registration Fees

Space is limited. First come, first served

Expo Table:


(Fee is waived for school sponsors at the Bronze level or higher)

Limit: 24 spaces

Expo Table & One-minute Pitch:


(Cost includes the Expo Table fee of $150, and the $150 One-Minute Pitch fee)

(Fee is waived for school sponsors at the Silver level or higher)

Limit: 12 spaces

How to Register

To confirm space availability and register your school for the Expo, please email your request to Katrina Kozhuro at katrina@brainstorm.ca.