Canada’s Most Authoritative Ranking of Employer Brands

In 2022, Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc. conducted a survey with more than 20,000 members of Canada’s future workforce – current university and college students.

Further details about the research and rankings can be found here.

The results are the most authoritative ranking of employers published in Canada.

View the Top Employers in the following categories:

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In some of the largest categories, we have also announced in alphabetical order (not ranked), the “Next 25” employers that round out the Top 50.

Computer Science

Top 25 (in rank order)

  1. 1.Google
  2. 2.Apple
  3. 3.Microsoft
  4. 4.Amazon
  5. 5.Facebook
  6. 6.Netflix
  7. 7.Tesla
  8. 8.NASA
  9. 9.Government of Canada
  10. 10.Ubisoft
  11. 11.IBM
  12. 12.Intel
  13. 13.Shopify
  14. 14.Electronic Arts
  15. 15.SpaceX
  16. 16.Canada Space Agency
  17. 17.Sony
  18. 18.Air Canada
  19. 19.Bank of Canada
  20. 20.CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
  21. 21.Canada Revenue Agency
  22. 22.United Nations
  23. 23.Health Canada
  24. 24.Bell
  25. 24.Provincial Government
  26. 25.Adidas